What are the advantages of the SERATEC® HemDirect test?

  • No difficult manipulation of sample material
    The sample is transferred into the extraction buffer in the collection tube and extracted/dissolved by shaking. After that three drops of the liquid are added directly to the test.
  • Rapid generation of the test result
    Results should be read within a ten minute period after addition of the sample.
  • High sensitivity
    The lower detection limit is at least 40 ng/ml hemoglobin. This corresponds to human blood that has been diluted to 10-6 - 10–7 (average hemoglobin content of blood: 120-180 mg/ml).
  • High specificity for human hemoglobin
    Due to the specificity of the antibodies, positive test results allow the direct conclusion that the sample most probably contains blood of human origin. A cross reactivity is observed for blood of primates and ferret blood.