How may the result of a SERATEC® pregnancy test be influenced by wrong use?

The accomplishment of the Test is quite simple. Therefore its result is normally faultless. While the whole membrane turns slightly red during reaction, the colour fades away shortly afterwards.

The result of the Test remains valid, even if the membrane is kept in the urine sample for more than 15 seconds or is exposed to a urine stream for over 8 seconds. Moreover, the result does not change even if it is read after a period longer than 3 minutes after its start. If the membrane is not impregnated sufficiently with urine, the Test may not be run correctly. Under these circumstances liquid residues may appear as lines („ghost lines“’), leading to an apparently positive outcome. This may be prevented for by exposing the Test to urine again immediately.
The outcome may be apparently negative if it is read within a period shorter than the indicated.

Exposure of the entire surface of the Test to the urine sample does not lead to failure.

HCG concentrations lower than the minimum specified (10-25 mlU/mL) may show an apparently positive outcome past 15 to 30 minutes, especially when the Test is performed long before the end of the menstruation period.