What causes are known to lead a SERATEC® pregnancy test to an apparently positive, wrong result?

According to the scientific and technological state of the art it is most improbable to observe a wrong positive outcome. SERATEC® pregnancy tests are manufactured in accordance to the European Health Standards and submit to a severe quality control, to ensure that even a slight indication corresponds to a concentration of HCG higher than the normal. The most common reasons for a wrong indication are listed below:

  • Consumption of medicaments containing HCG.
  • Degeneration of the Plazenta following uncontrolled appearance of Corionzotes. Formation of Corionzotes results from the merge of two sperms with a Y-chromosome. Upon diagnose abnormally high HCG concentrations are observed as well as the fading of the ultrasound-image of the ovaries.
  • Chorio-carcinoma.
  • Hindered transport of the ovum through the fallopian tube leading to a nestling of the embryo.
  • Pregnancy interruption caused or followed by premature abortion. About one third up to half of all pregnant woman suffer a premature abortion within the first 12 weeks. So-called hindered pregnancies show a delayed evolution compared to normal. HCG secretion occurs at a lower rate leading to a smaller relative concentration. Furthermore HCG my be detected even after an abortion, as the time required for it to vanish varies individually.
  • Missed abortion.
  • Normal pregnancy stages menaced by abortion due to immunological failure.
  • „Ghost lines“(as stated above).