I have problems to find out the starting day of the test series. How is it determined?

To determine the start of the test correctly you must know the length of your menstrual cycle. The first day the bleeding starts is counted as the first day of the cycle. The cycle lasts until the last day before the next bleeding of the following menstrual cycle occurs. Calculate the length of your cycles for the previous months. If there are slight variations (up to 4 days) take the mean. From the table on the first side of the instruction leaflet you can now see on what day of the cycle the test should begin.
Example: The normal length of your cycle is 28 days. The recommended starting day of the test series is the 11th day of your cycle (see table). Your last period started on June 5th.. Take a calendar and count 11 days starting from June 5th. You will see that the test series should be started on June 16th.