Forensic Biology

SERATEC® products for the rapid detection of seminal fluid, human hemoglobin and human saliva help solving crimes. They confirm circumstantial evidence and accurately select the material for DNA investigations.

Our rapid tests for Forensic Biology have the best references from the leading forensic laboratories worldwide.

Women Care

SERATEC® pregnancy and ovulation tests contribute to a safe and reliable family planning.
These products are available in various formats for both professional and OTC market.

Drugs of Abuse

Our company produces state-of-the-art immunoassays for the rapid detection of drugs of abuse in the human urine. Both single and multi-tests are CE registered and available for professional use.

Check out our newest Serascope product line of barcode-aided drug screen tests with a free iPhone/iPad application.


SERATEC® offers high quality antibodies for various research and manufacturing purposes.

Dairy Testing

SERATEC® develops and manufactures test kits for the quick detection of beta-lactams in bovine milk.