Forensic Biology

Statherin-based immunological assay for the detection of saliva

Envisaged project finish: May 2022
Download the official project poster here (in German)
This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


The SERATEC® Amylase Paper is a mapping tool for the preliminary detection of saliva on samples of forensic evidence. A positive result indicates both presence and location of saliva. Thus, the subsequently extracted DNA can be considered to originate from saliva stains (no "touch DNA").

PMB Test — Menstrual Blood Test

The SERATEC® PMB Test combines the detection of human hemoglobin and D-dimer. Thus, the product is suitable for the differentiation between human peripheral blood and human menstrual blood.


  • Reliability — high quality and precision of measurements
  • Traceability — securely establish the authorship of all results
  • Usability — the streamlined interface allowing operators to process high volumes of measurements and make less errors
  • Reproducibility — the ability to reliably reproduce measurement results

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