Frequently Asked Questions - Drug Screen Tests

Laboratory test results for drugs of abuse have indicated a greater than 99% accuracy when used according to the step-by-step instructions that are provided with the test.

Two colored bands will appear, a control band and a test band on the strip next to the target drug.

Only one band, the control band will appear and no band will develop when the target drug is present.

Specimens can be stored in refrigerators at 2 to 8° C for up to two (2) days (48 hours) or frozen at 0° C, before testing. However, it is strongly recommend testing the sample as soon as possible after collection.

Yes, they are all tested using the Morphine test. These drugs are from the same family of drugs, for example Heroin and Codeine are metabolized to Morphine, which is then detected in the urine.

Yes. The most common problem is the pseudoephedrine in many over-the-counter sinus and cold medications, which can cause a positive result for methamphetamine. A GC/MS confirmation as well as a MRO review is necessary to determine the source of the positive result. Some forms of the drugs we test for may be available legally under prescription as well.

No. The tests are drug and drug metabolite specific. Because these commonly ingested substances are chemically and structurally different after metabolized by the body from the drugs being tested for, they will under most circumstances not interfere with or compromise test results.